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Why You Need a Crockpot In the Baby Nursery & Giveaway

Your crockpot is typically used in the kitchen. It makes meal prep so simple! Every new mom needs a crockpot, but not just for dinner. There are crockpot hacks for all over the house! Find out why you need a crockpot in the baby nursery and just exactly what all you can do with it!

Bottle Warmer

Did you know that you can use your crockpot as a baby bottle warmer? Just fill your crockpot 2/3 with water and let sit on warm/low. When you need to warm a bottle set it down in the warm water for a couple minutes. It will bring the bottle to room temperature in no time. 

Wash Cloth Warmer

I love this idea! There is nothing worse than a cold washcloth on a baby’s bottom. At least to the baby. Buy a bunch of washcloths in bulk, place them in your crockpot and cover them with water. Set your crockpot to warm. When you need a warm cloth just wring it out and you are good to go. Obviously, make sure it isn’t too hot to touch. It should be the perfect temp if the crockpot was just set on warm. 

Air Freshener

Last but not least, babies come with a side effect. A whole host of new smells. Freshen up the nursery with your crockpot. Pull out your crockpot and add a few drops of essential oil and water. Set crockpot of low or warm and the entire room will smell amazing in no time. 


Now that the baby’s nursery is all set up with a crockpot, it’s time to get it set up with everything else too! The great folks at Brentwood Home have this wonderful Poppy Crib + Toddler Mattress & Sweetpea Changing Pad they are going to giveaway to 1 lucky MomsWithCrockpots Reader!

If you are looking for a quality crib mattress this is it! The Poppy Crib + Toddler Mattress is made with hypo-allergenic, anti-static, and anti-microbial materials. Poppy has two different layers—one firm for your infant and one soft for your growing toddler—so your crib mattress can simply be flipped over when the time is right. And don’t worry about a mess, because the waterproof cover is easy to clean. Best of all, our Brentwood Home crib mattresses are free of any chemical fire retardants. 

The Sweetpea Changing Pad is equally as nice! It contours to your baby’s body to keep them comfortable and minimize wiggling. The specially designed bubble-quilt cover gives your baby a tactile experience, allowing them to grasp or explore the surface with their fingers. And since we know things can get messy, so the Sweet Pea cover is easy to remove, wash, or replace, while the waterproof surface underneath is free of harmful chemicals.

Brentwood Homes sells more than just baby mattresses and changing pads. They have high-quality mattresses, pillows, and so much more! Head to Brentwood Homes to see all that they have to offer! You can use Brentwood Home Coupon Code OURHOME to save 10%!  To enter just fill out the form below. 

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  1. My crock pot is almost wore out , It became my new best friend after having surgery on both of my hands . . Really even before that because I use to get up at 345 to get ready for work .( 19 years ) I was a cook in the school system , now I can no longer do my job so I’m considered disabled because I can’t do my job . Can’t lift that much weight . I have turned many friends on to recipes they never thought you could do in a crock pot . I would love a chance to win a new oval one if possible . Mine was new and it’s seen better days now that I use it all the time . Also was told by the Dr. to stop frying things , I told her no problem we hardly ever fry food . Thank you so much for your great ideas , I don’t have babies but will be passing them along .

  2. this is a genius set of ideas! i’m so glad i found you! i love the changing pad, but the mattress is so fantastic! i really love it. now, off to set up a crockpot in my nursery…

  3. My favorite baby gift for showers besides books is “Croc in Socks” Plush Toy and Baby Socks Gift Set. Last time I matched onsies and books in a Crocodile theme.

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