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Crock Pot Beef Roast Recipe

10 minutes of prep and this delicious dinner will be ready for the table after a day in the slow cooker. This Crock Pot Beef Roast is a perfect dinner for any night.

Crock pot beef roast on plate with veggies and au jus in background

Classic recipes are everyday favorites for a reason. This Crockpot Beef Roast recipe is certainly a classic. Flavorful and tender, this meat dish also includes the veggies and potatoes that are perfectly seasoned. It is the ultimate all in one crockpot recipe! Render the leftover cooking liquid for a tasty au jus to go with dinner. YUM!

How to

beef roast in crockpot with seasoning

Place your beef roast in your crockpot. In a small bowl mix up the seasonings and sprinkle half of them on your beef roast and rub it in. Pour 1 cup of beef broth/stock around the roast.

beef roast and veggies with seasoning in slow cooker

Now toss in the veggies around the roast. I used onions, carrots, and potatoes. Top with the rest of the seasoning. Cover and cook for 8 hours on low or until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F.

crock pot beef roast with veggies in slow cooker

When it is done you can shred the beef, or remove it and cut it up to serve with the potatoes and veggies. The cooking liquid makes a great au jus!

Brown First?

A question that is asked a lot is, “Do you have to brown a roast before putting it in the crockpot?” The short answer is no you don’t. It really depends on the result you are looking for. If you intend to shred your beef browning first isn’t necessary.

If you are looking to slice your beef roast when it is finished they you may want to brown it in a skillet before slow cooking. This will give the outside of your roast a better texture.

Cut of Beef

What kind of beef roast is best for crock pot?

Honestly any! Go with whatever is on sale. Look for chuck roastshoulder steak, boneless chuck roastchuck shoulder pot roast, chuck seven-bone pot roast, or beef chuck arm. Any of those will make a great slow cooker beef roast.


crock pot beef roast and veggies on tray with parsley and au jus

Don’t complicate this recipe. It is simple, but works amazingly.

Cook Low or High?

Cooking on low for 8 hours helps create a tender, flavorful roast. You can cook it on high for 4 hours, however you may end up with a little less tender roast. Cooking on high is better if you intend to slice your roast.

Switch it up

Change up the veggies, or some of the spices used to make this perfect for your family. You can even changed the beef broth for a red wine to make a Beef Bourguignon type of meal

Gluten Free

This slow cooker beef roast meal is gluten free. Just double check your beef broth for hidden gluten.


I love this because it is a complete meal. Just serve with some warm crusty bread (like this homemade French bread) and a side salad! YUM!

Crock Pot Beef Roast

10 minutes of prep & this delicious dinner will be ready after a day in the slow cooker. This Crock Pot Beef Roast is a perfect dinner!
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Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook Time:8 hours
Total Time:8 hours 10 minutes



  • 3-4 pound Beef Roast
  • 1-2 cups beef stock
  • 2 Russet Potatoes large,cut into cubes
  • 1 onion large, cut into medium chunks
  • 3 carrots peeled and cut into ½ inch pieces
  • 2 tablespoons garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoons paprika
  • 1 tablespoons sea salt
  • ½ tablespoons ground black pepper


  • Mix together the garlic powder, paprika, sea salt, and ground pepper in a small bowl, divide into two equal portions
  • Massage one portion of the spice rub over the beef
  • Place the beef into the crockpot and pour 1 cup beef stock around the beef roast
  • Add the vegetables to the crock pot and sprinkle the second portion of spice rub
  • Cover and cook for 8 hours on low or until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F
  • Add more beef stock throughout cooking if necessary
  • Remove the beef roast from the crockpot and allow it to rest for 10 minutes before shredding the roast
  • Serve with the vegetables
  • Store leftovers in refrigerator


Calories: 367kcal | Carbohydrates: 22g | Protein: 53g | Fat: 8g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 129mg | Sodium: 4683mg | Potassium: 1195mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 5670IU | Vitamin C: 109mg | Calcium: 669mg | Iron: 6mg
Servings: 6 servings
Calories: 367kcal
Author: Amanda Carlisle

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