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Homemade Crockpot Caramel Dip


crockpot caramel dip

Oh my oh my!  I love apples and caramel dip, and caramel on my icecream, and drizzled in my coffee, and well….I just love caramel!

Imagine my surprise when I found out that you can make homemade caramel in one easy step…in your crockpot. It doesn’t get much easier than this folks.


Place a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk in your crockpot and cover it with water.  Cook it on high for 4 hours.  That is it!

Shut off the crockpot after 4 hours and allow the can to cool completely!


When you open the can you will  be met by this golden creamy delicious caramel sauce.  I used mine for some apples, and then put the rest in a container in the fridge.  The caramel dip at the store costs almost $4, while a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk costs $1.25.  So even if you aren’t saving loads of time, you are saving money.  Plus, did I mention that this tastes WAY better?!

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  1. It can also be called Dulce de Leche, just a smoother version of caramel. Caramel is sugar based where as Dulce is milk based. 🙂

  2. An elderly lady had a recipe similar to this one, but she wouldn’t give it to me because she said it was too dangerous. She did it on top of the stove with can in boiling water. I presume it was boiled a bit longer because it came out of the can in a can shape. She sliced this in 1/2″ slices and laid it on a slice of pineapple and topped it with whipped cream. How much longer do you think it would need to cook on high to become this consistency? I’d love to try it, but she has me scared.

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